Create the new logo for Headphones Up!

We need your help. Do you want to design the new logo for our website? If you want you can send it to our mail

¿Alguien se atreve a diseñar el nuevo logo de Headphones Up? Si estás interesado, envíanos tu propuesta a


Miguel lins dijo...

tell me one thing, it's all header, or is jus the logo with the names: HeadphonesUp?

Miguel lins dijo...


mkl dijo...

Just the logo, but if u want to create a header you can do it. Anyway, if you gonna design both things we need the logo and the header in two diferent files.

Thanks :D

Miguel lins dijo...

Ook, i go do the 2 files, the header and the logo.

I send soon

Miguel lins dijo...

Hello, it's me again, i did the 2 files, the name, and the header/banner , i did on the same measure of the old header, if you wanna, i do bigger.


You u dont like, i do another.

OBS: sorry for my english, if it is wrong, is cuz i'm a brasilian boy!


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